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just me, Kristina Schneider, with a camera in my hand. And here is my story.... 

I have been fascinated with the camera since I was a little girl growing up in Texas. It was just interesting knowing I could click the button on top of the camera and then that moment would be frozen forever in a picture.  So with a little guidance from my mom, and a lot of experimentation, I quickly learned to use this new tool. But for me, photography is not just about being able to use this tool technically because my brain and number calculations don't really mesh well. (Don't worry, I DO know the technical stuff! LOL!)  BUT... when I put my eye to the viewfinder of my camera, everything else around me just fades away into the background. My thoughts, my focus are solely on the story that I see unfolding through the lens.

So what is the story behind my self-portrait? Some may think it makes me "mysterious". But it really depicts the true nature of my personality - a shy person who prefers to stay behind the scenes, unnoticed. Because I would rather have the spotlight (or camera) on anything but me. 

Everyone deserves to have their story told. And as a portrait photographer, I want to help you tell your unique story. So what is your story?